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Large scale BSS transformation projects inevitably take time. Yet all too often, they also disappoint. These projects may stretch across many years and cost millions of dollars, yet still fail to deliver.

Such failures in the IT world have led to the rise of the DevOps culture and approach. Can something be quickly tested and brought into operation to see if it flies? Can it be scaled afterwards? Is a culture of “fail fast and try again” better than one that takes time and involves months of preparation and sometimes years of integration?

The same principles can also apply to the addition of new features or elements to an existing large-scale, mission-critical system such as a BSS solution.

This whitepaper looks at the reasons why some transformation projects disappoint or fail altogether and outlines an alternative approach based on parallel infrastructure allowing new services to be introduced and scaled without disrupting the established base. It also includes examples of the types of new services that could be supported as well as the range of new features that could be enabled.

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