B2B BSS Use Case Catalogue cover

The enterprise world lags far behind the consumer world when it comes to service design and digital experiences, with most enterprise customers lacking the autonomy and flexibility to manage their own accounts and services in real-time – a feature that is common among consumer customers.

Service providers are turning their attention to the enterprise market, both with new 5G offerings and services on existing networks, with hopes of achieving increased revenues and market shares. However, to achieve the maximum returns, they must improve the digital experience they offer their business customers, and develop new, flexible, enterprise services.

Download this use case catalogue to understand the range and value of opportunities that exist for service providers implementing full digital enterprise BSS capabilities. Examples covered in this catalogue include:

  • New product configuration
  • Bundled offerings, including traditional, emergent, and non-telco services
  • Organisational management
  • Real-time control and notifications
  • Data sharing
  • Assured connectivity
  • Non-telco IoT

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