MDS Global supports iD Mobile – the UK’s largest 100% digital, flexible and personal MVNO


Launched in 2015, iD Mobile has grown rapidly, contracting 335,000 subscribers in its first 15 months. It now has more than
1 million subscribers.

2015 iD graphic
2016 iD graphic
2021 iD graphic

iD Mobile is a Carphone Warehouse sub-brand and is a major threat to UK MNOs and MVNOs. 

iD Mobile was the first to offer:

Icon-sample.png Free data rollover
Icon-sample.png Instant tariff updates
“We’re the first mobile network built around you, giving you maximum control and flexibility according to what you need.”

And customers can instantly:

Icon-sample.png Personalise their plans
Icon-sample.png View all charges
Icon-sample.png Set spend limits
Icon-sample.png Share balances

iD Mobile is built on an integrated end-to-end digital platform, powered by MDS Global’s VNOnDemand, which offers:

  • Real-time management of customer experience
  • Order management and provisioning
  • Customer care and billing

The benefit of this to iD Mobile is:

Icon-sample.png Lower operational costs
  • Customer self-service minimises call centre costs
  • Uses social media to reduce marketing costs
Icon-sample.png Higher profitability
  • Seamless online experience
  • Personalised service
Icon-sample.png Increased customer loyalty
  • Decreased customer churn
  • Lower-cost customer acquisition
ID dcs.png

This gives iD Mobile the flexibility to innovate through personalisation and customisation, improving and facilitating the way in which their customers interact with them. 

ID dcs.png

To find out more about MDS Global's work with iD Mobile, please contact us: