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Digital transformation. AI. Machine learning. 5G. These are the hottest topics in the telecoms world right now, but is the industry really focusing on these areas, or is it all just hype? The best way to get under the skin of the industry is to ask telco professionals their opinion, which is why we collaborated with on their 2021 Annual Industry Survey.

A clear message from the survey results is that more and more CSPs are turning their attention to the enterprise market and are looking to launch new services powered by 5G, yet few are currently able to maximise their investment.

Read our guide to the 2021 Annual Industry Survey to understand:

  • Why CSPs need a suitable BSS if they are to succeed in the enterprise market
  • How to generate the best returns on 5G investment
  • How third-party partnerships will open up new revenue streams
  • How B2B self-service will be a gamechanger

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